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Vivax Heating & Cooling / Air Conditioning

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Mobile units: Air Conditioning / Heating and Cooling


Vivax is a long-established brand in the Air Conditioning / Heating and Cooling market. A high-quality product with cutting edge design, Vivax has received recognition and a number of awards in the industry. 

The superior design of each unit is equally at home in a modern environment or in a more traditional space.

Energy efficiency and protection has been a particular focus in the design and manufacturing process for Vivax with the units achieving an ‘A’ rating. 

Vivax has concentrated its efforts on noise reduction. Typically 63 dB(A) when cooling and heating a room. The unit cleans the air during normal operation through numerous filters, making any space a comfortable place to live, work and relax. The Bio filter and Ionizer purify the air, improving air quality for everyone.


Heating & Cooling

Vivax Heating and Cooling mobile units offer a stylish solution to those who want the flexibility to heat their environment as well as cool them. Vivax has taken the same simple approach to user controls, with the environment adjusted at the touch of a button

Air Conditioning

Vivax provides a cool and comfortable environment at a temperature that suits you, with simple and clear ‘user controls’ Allowing the user to make adjustments for optimum comfort whatever the conditions.

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