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Steering Systems New Vehicles and Conversions

Steering Systems – For New Vehicles and Conversions for volumes 50 – 25,000 units per year

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Steering Systems – For the Small to Medium volume Producer or Vehicle Conversion Specialist

Steering Systems – For New Vehicles and Conversions – KPS Automotive works with OEM steering system suppliers to meet the requirements of small to medium volume vehicle builders (50 – 25,000 vehicles per year) or vehicle conversion specialists. 

We work with customers who build electric or hybrid vehicles (EV) or who want to convert hydraulic steering systems to electric steering systems. We can also offer electric/hydraulic steering systems to suit your needs. KPS works in collaboration with the Application Engineers at OEM steering factories to identify your needs and to offer an appropriate solution.

The OEM steering systems we offer include:

  • Electric Power Steering Racks (EPS)
  • Pinion Electric Power Steering (P-EPS)
  • Dual Pinion Electric Power Steering (DP-EPS)
  • Column Electric Power Steering (C-EPS)
  • Electric Hydraulic Power Steering (EHPS) pumps
  • Hydraulic Power Steering Racks (HPS) and (EHPS) Pumps.
Technical Support

One of the main issues with this type of project is that quite often customers need important technical assistance as they do not have the knowledge internally. To resolve this issue we work with the technical department at the OEM’s. Their electronics Engineers and Application Engineers are able to support the customer throughout the process and to deliver the best solution for the project – from initial Engineering discussions (including programming), to steering system specifications, on to the delivery of samples for testing and ultimately to volume deliveries of the agreed system to customers schedules.


There will be the cost of each steering system produced and possibly some additional costs associated with software and calibration (although this is often not the case).

Small to Medium Volume Vehicle Producers

Your business may be producing 50 – 25,000 vehicles per year, whether that is cars, vans, road sweepers, utility vehicles, commercial electric vehicles for the road or industry, etc.  If so, KPS can help by offering a steering solution that meets your needs. These can be powered by diesel or petrol engines, pure electric (EV) or hybrid vehicles. Please contact us whatever type of vehicle you are working on, we can usually help with your project.  

Vehicle Conversion Specialists

Some of our customers are specialists in vehicle conversion – Hydraulic to Electric steering. If you have a small to medium demand for a steering system to make this conversion then ‘Contact Us’ for more information. Alternatively, please contact us by email using:


  • Option 1 – Electric Power Steering Racks (EPS)
  • Option 2 – An electric power steering column (C-EPS) with a manual steering rack


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