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Koyo Tensioner & Idler Bearings

KPS supply OEM Koyo Tensioner and Idler bearings

Koyo advanced technologies are a guarantee of a long lasting performance and high reliability of Koyo products, which is of particular value to the aftermarket user. Koyo is a premium quality bearing manufacturer

Koyo Tensioner & Idler bearings

With the move to overhead camshafts and multi valve heads the method of connecting the camshafts and crankshafts moved from the traditional chain drives to belts. This necessitated the need for tensioner and idler pulleys for the more advanced accessory belt drive with the advent of air-conditioning and high speed internally ventilated alternators.


Koyo produce a wide range of technically advanced and highly reliable bearings for use in many automotive components. Koyo has employed the skills derived over eight decades of precision engineering and its close involvement in automotive development.

Many products have been developed over the years in close co-operation with major manufacturers of cars throughout the world. This has led to the development and wide use of Koyo’s bearings throughout the world to include Tensioner and Idler bearing applications.

Today increasingly high levels of quietness, safety, and driving comfort are demanded of all vehicles.

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