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Safest face mask on the market – Graphene Enhanced facemask

Graphene Enhanced Face Masks
So why is the KPS PPE Protects face mask the best available and keeping people safe?
* Our graphene enhanced face mask offers the best protection available, filtering out all viruses including Covid-19
* The face mask is ‘breatheable’. The wearer will find this far more comfortable to wear than other masks available. It helps the wearer to avoid overheating when worn for longer periods of time
* The face mask is adjustable for a comfortable fit. Simply adjust the sliders on each side of the mask to the desired position
* To care for your face mask – simply return it to the pouch that it was supplied in for safe transport
* Wash the face mask as desired and wear again
More information can be found at or call +44 (0)1582 723490
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