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Protect1 Facemask Convenience Pack (3 masks plus 100ml Sanitizer Spray)

Protect1 Facemask Convenience Pack (3 masks plus 100ml Sanitizer Spray)

Protect1 FFP2 Facemask enhanced with graphene, filtering out Covid19. Comes with 100ml Sanitizer.

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Graphene enhanced Facemasks

The KPS facemask is certified to meet FFPS/KN95/BS and CE standards.

KPS PPE Protects masks are enhanced with Polygrene™, this is a graphene polymer made with the world’s only National Physics Laboratory Verified Graphene Product, Nanene™. Nanene™ offers best of class protection against the microscopic particles that cause respiratory illness and the spread of viral infection.

What is Graphene?Graphene was first isolated in 2004 by two researchers at The University of Manchester. An innovative product that has been described as a ‘wonder material’ that will revolutionise materials. Graphene is just ‘one atom thick’ fabric of carbon which has been theoretically shown to have remarkable physical properties which includes exceptional strength-to-weight, effective electrical and thermal conductors as well as being highly flexible.

What is Nanene™?Nanene is a high-quality few-layer Graphene produced using a patented manufacturing method. It was developed on The University of Manchester campus and then scaled up in a dedicated production facility. Nanene is a product that offers independently verified, real world applications, performance benefits.

What is Polygrene™Polygrene is a new Graphene polymer range. It delivers a wide range of improvements including in tensile strength properties, among other high-performance characteristics.

Hypochlorous Disinfectant – Features

  • Kills 99.9999% of Bacteria and Viruses within seconds
  • Alcohol-free, so doesn’t dry or irritate the skin.
  • 100% Natural antiseptic
  • Eco-friendly, Harmless to Humans, Animals and Food
  • Bottles are refillable and recyclable
  • Kind to the Environment

Cleaning your Facemask

Spray the facemask lightly on both sides with hypochlorous disinfectant and allow to dry. Once dry your facemask is now sanitized and is ready to wear. We recommend repeating this process no more than 10 times (ten consecutive days). The facemask should then be discarded.

Infection Control

Infection control does not have to be complicated. It just needs to be proven certified products that perform efficiently

Hypochlorous Disinfectant

and safely. KPS Protects address these requirements through the application of technology and proven Science with our complete range of products.


Proven to kill 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria.

Hypochlorous Disinfectant

Hypochlorous acid (HOCI) disinfectant is a powerful weapon in the fight against Covid 19, all viruses and bacteria. It is 100 percent safe for humans. Chemical free, non toxic and all-natural. Produced by the human body in small amounts, it forms an important part of the body’s natural immune system.

Liquid, Spray or Mist?

Available in a liquid, spray, or fogging mist. It can be safely used on any surface, including on skin.

Applications and facemask cleaning instructions

KPS Protects hypochlorous disinfectant works in seconds. and is ideal for cleaning your facemask. Simply spray the mask lightly on both sides and leave to dry.

This product is ideal for busy Transport Companies, Offices, Factories, Schools, Care Homes, Food Processing, Hospitality and many other Businesses and Environments.

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