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Koyo Wheel Hub Bearings

Koyo have a long history of producing wheel hub bearings for the leading automotive manufacturers around the world. The bearings have changed over the years from generation 1,2 and 3 bearings. Each generation type is still used in mass production.

The VM’s decide which they need to use based on a number of things such as whether the vehicle will be FWD or RWD and where the bearing itself is to be fitted in relation to this, or the bearing’s loading capacity required based on the weight of the vehicle.

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Recent changes in wheel hub bearing assembly

Generation 1

The Generation 1 bearing was a marked improvement on the old traditional wheel bearing architecture giving the following benefits.

  • No need to adjust preload on installation.
  • Compact and minimized axial space requirement, allowing for shorter and more rigid axle spigots
  • Sealed for life means no need to re-grease
  • Reduction of parts and improved assembly productivity

Generation II

The next progression was to incorporate one of the flanges into the raceway giving more benefits

  • Further reduction in parts
  • Improved stiffness
  • Reduction in tolerance stack
  • Further reduction in assembly process

Generation III

Following the integration of one of the flanges into the bearing the next logical step was to include the mounting spigot as part of the bearing. This gave the following benefits

  • Much increased stiffness of the bearing
  • Reduction in run out improving braking performance by reducing judder
  • More reductions in assembly process
  • Ability to integrate the ABS sensors into the bearing

Koyo hub bearings from generation ‘I’ to ‘III’ are used by most of the leading automotive manufacturers around the world.