Supplying OE Quality and Reliability

Supplying OE Quality and Reliability

Sachs Shock Absorbers

Sachs Shock Absorbers – Premium Quality Products from KPS

Sachs is a brand recognized for its high quality products and its shock absorber range is no exception. Safety, comfort and driving dynamics are all features of the brand. At KPS we want to offer our customers the very best products available and we are happy to offer this range alongside our other ZF parts: –

* ZF (Lemfoerder) TRW Steering and Suspension
* Sachs Clutches 
* TRW Electric Parking Brake Calipers (EPB)

Sachs shock absorbers

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Sachs Shock Absorbers are a premium quality brand. They are fitted to a large vehicle parc delivering a high level of safety, comfort and driving dynamics. As part of an ‘Active Suspension System’ the product range features electronically controlled damping systems with Damper, ECU, sensors and software.

Shock Absorber Function

High demands are placed on vehicle damping systems. Shock absorbers have to minimize vibrations and post oscillation in the vehicle body generated by uneven road surfaces. They also have to ensure that the wheels are in constant contact with the road. Both these tasks have a crucial impact on driving safety and comfort. While taut damping characteristics increase driving safety, comfort declines. The reverse also applies. Soft damping increases comfort but reduces safety. Sachs shock absorbers achieve both optimum comfort and optimum safety using sophisticated technical solutions.

Over recent decades, electronic systems have substantially enhanced the operation of vehicle mechanical functions – and the field of damping technology is no exception. Development work on the next generation of vehicles is focusing to an ever greater degree on active and semi-active damping and suspension systems. With its electronically controlled damping systems, ZF products are at the forefront of driving safety, comfort, and dynamics.

Technical Information

In monotube dampers, the floating separating piston forms an absolutely leakproof separation between the oil and the gas. The damping valves for rebound and compression are located on the piston. The piston rod and seal are especially important components because the pressurized system must remain perfectly sealed under dynamic loads. The Viton seal is applied to the piston rod by means of mechanical pre-loading and high internal pressure. Both materials and geometry have been optimized to minimize friction.
Twin-tube dampers require lower gas pressure levels; 6 to 8 bar are enough to ensure precision damping as well as low noise levels even at high compression speeds.
A shock absorber’s damping force generally depends on the piston speed. As the piston speed increases, so does the damping force. The degree to which this takes place is defined by valves. The design, arrangement, and combination of valves allow all the desired and/or optimum damping characteristics (curves) to be attained for different applications. A damper’s characteristic curve can be shown as a force/speed (F-v) diagram. Shock absorbers from ZF can feature degressive or linear characteristic curves as well as combinations thereof.

Sachs Shock Absorbers – KPS Automotive 2019