Supplying OE Quality and Reliability

Supplying OE Quality and Reliability

Sachs Clutches

At KPS we continue to develop our premium quality products and Sachs Clutches are another addition to our ZF range.

KPS SACHS Clutch Kits

SACHS is the brand for high-quality auto spare parts made in Germany. Top quality, comprehensive expertise and innovative technology ensure that SACHS spare parts are particularly reliable, safe and long-lasting. SACHS products are the best choice for auto repair shops and car owners.

The SACHS spare parts product line can meet any need and covers almost all vehicle models from the European and Asian vehicle markets. In addition to shock absorbers and clutches for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, it also supplies numerous spare parts for trucks, buses and agricultural machinery. Moreover, SACHS has a comprehensive line of complementary products, such as clutch kits, suspension springs and suspension-strut mounts. Some of the best-selling products from SACHS include the dual-mass flywheel (DMF), the pneumatic clutch actuation system ConAct and also new products like the modular suspension struts and shock absorbers, the SACHS Continuous Damping Control and the lightweight design aluminum shocks.


The Sachs Clutches range is considerable and covers a large part of the vehicle parc available today. Many of our customers are choosing Sachs Clutch kits, for example, to guarantee smooth assembly. For tuning products, there is a separate product brand called SACHS Performance which offers aspiring race drivers outstanding coilover suspensions and tuning clutches.

Further information concerning Sachs Clutches or other Sachs products can be found by visiting: Sachs Clutches Other products from the ZF range are available from KPS which include the TRW linkage and suspension range, see: ZF TRW Linkage and Suspension or the Electric Parking Brake and caliper ranges also from TRW, see: TRW Electric Parking Brake (EPB) and Calipers

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