Supplying OE Quality and Reliability

Supplying OE Quality and Reliability

KPS PPE Protects – Temperature Detection

KPS PPE Protects – Graphene Protective Face Masks – has brought a range of high quality ‘Reusable’ PPE products to the market to join in the fight against Covid 19. Our products include Graphene Reusable Protective Face Masks and KPS PPE Protects Temperature Detection. For more information please call us on 01582 723490 or ‘Contact Us’


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  • Veriface 5T – Temperature detection, Face recognition, Time and attendance, Access control
  • Hypochlorous Disinfectant – Hypochlorous Disinfectant

Veriface 5TTemperature detection

  • Temperature Detection
  • Face Recognition
  • Time and Attendance
  • Access Control


KPS PPE Protects – Temperature Detection

How to get all of your staff back to work safely? Your staff are your businesses greatest asset. With the ‘Duty of Care’ that we all owe our staff, colleagues and clients, KPS PPE Protects have combined innovative facial recognition and temperature checking technology to bring you a simple and effective way to monitor and manage the risk to your staff, colleagues and clients alike. These features work with systems such as (contactless) Paxton Access Control.


  1. The Veriface 5T terminal can be used in three operating modes: –
    1. Temperature detection only
    2. Face detection only
    3. Face and temperature detection
  2. The Veriface 5T can be used as a standalone device to check someones temperature. A user simply looks into a defined area on the terminal screen and it will provide an accurate temperature reading and alert if an abnormal temperature is recorded.
  3. As a standalone Face Detection access control device, the Veriface 5T can control a door maglock or give an ”open’ command to a turnstile or gate. A user registers their face on the terminal. Once registered, the user simply looks into a defined area on the screen, and the terminal checks if their face is registered. Upon validation the output relay will trigger for a configurable time period between 1-200 seconds to allow entry.
  4. By adding a Temperature Detection feature, access control is activated based on a normal or abnormal temperature reading before allowing entry. Where temperature is abnormal the Veriface 5T terminal can be used to sound an alarm, and give a block command to the turnstile, door or car reader.
  5. The terminal can also be connected to an Access Control Unit (ACU) replacing a normal card reader. When a user registers on the Veriface 5T terminal, their access control ID number can also be assigned. If entry is allowed, the terminal will output the users access control ID number to the ACU which in turn can trigger an open command to the turnstile or door.
  6. Multiple terminals can be networked using a TCP/IP interface via WiFi or USB.

As standard the terminal is supplied with a simple reception desk stand and wall mounting bracket. Optional desk stop stands, turnstile mounting or gate and floor mounting poles are available.

Temperature detection

Veriface 5T – Technical Characteristics

Product SizeW154 x H152 x D22mm
Working Temperature-15 to 60 Degrees Centigrade
Power SupplyDC12V, 2AMP
Operating SystemLINUX OS
LanguageEnglish, Chinese, custom languages on request
Face Capacity3000
User ID Capacity3000
User Record Capacity1,000,000
Face Detection TimeLess than 0.2s
Face Detection DistanceDynamic 0.5-3m, Live Movement 0.5-1.5m
CPU Processor4 Core 1.2GB
Camera200W Pixel HD Colour Camera
Fill LightHighlight LED Fill Light, Dual Infrared High Power Fill Light
Display Screen5″ Touch Screen
KeyboardVirtual Touch Screen
CommunicationTCP/IP. WiFi, USB, Pen Drive
Relay OutputChangeover 2 Amp 15 Volts
OutputWiegand WG26/34 bits, Relay, RS232, RS485

For more information please call us on 01582 723490 or ‘Contact Us’

Temperature detection

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