Supplying OE Quality and Reliability

Supplying OE Quality and Reliability

KPS PPE Protects – Graphene Protective Face Masks

Face Masks

Breathe Easy, Breathe Safely!

Premium Grade Filtration for when it Really Matters

Our Graphene Protective Face Masks provide only the highest levels of filtration performance. Graphene naturally forms an atomic structure that filters out even the smallest of germs and viruses.

Graphene Face Mask

KPS PPE Protects – Graphene Protective Face Masks – has brought a range of high quality ‘Reusable’ PPE products to the market to join in the fight against Covid 19. Our products include Graphene Reusable Protective Face Masks. For more information please call us on 01582 723490 or ‘Contact Us

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  • Graphene Reusable Protective Face Masks – FFP2/KN95/BS & CE Approved. Certified by SGS’ the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing & certification company.KPS PPE Protects
  • Veriface 5T – Temperature detection, Face recognition, Time and attendance, Access control – KPS Temperature Detection
  • Hypochlorous Disinfectant – KPS Hypochlorous Disinfectant

Certification for ‘KPS PPE Protect’

Graphene Reusable Protective Face Masks give maximum protection and meets the following standards as well as being CE-marked in accordance with the requirements of European Directive EU 2016-425. European Standard EN 149::2001 + A1:2009 FFP2. British Standard BS EN 14683:2019.

KN95 certified
Antiviral certification to ISO 18184:2014 (E)
Antibacterial certification is to GB/T 20944.2.2007


Graphene Face Mask

Technical Index Analysis 

PurposeResusable Facial Mask (One-size-fits-all)
Distributed byKPS PPE Protects – KPS Automotive Parts Ltd., Unit 40 Portland Court, Kingsway, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU4 8HA
Specification15.2 x 10.5cm
British StandardBS EN 14683-2019 / GB 2626-2019 KN95
European Union StandardEN 149:2001+A1:2009 FFP2
Product PerformancePFE≥95%, Reached KN95 level
Anti-bacterial/anti-viralGB/T 20944.2.2007 / ISO 18184:2014 (E)

Type: Graphene Reusable Face Mask
Model: Graphene
Production Date: August 2020
Lifetime: 5 years (if unopened)
Storage Conditions: Room temperature (no more than 80% humidity)
Please refer to the information provided by the distributor.

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Graphene Face Mask

Product Use and handling information

Reusable for longer use
When handled with care, the kps graphene protective face mask can be reused. The mask should be kept within its resealable pouch packaging for longer-lasting use. if the mask is not handled carefully, then the protective properties in the mask may deteriorate.

Storage and transport
The mask should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from strong oxidizing agents. There are no special transport requirements.

Fire hazard

Extinguishing Media: According to the surrounding area. Any standard fire extinguisher may be used.

Conditions to avoid: Naked flames and ignition sources, particularly where loose, discarded masks are left. Incompatible Materials: Avoid contact with strong oxidizing agents.

Hazardous Decomposition Products: Carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide.

Waste and disposal

Waste: Safely place in a sealed container for disposal.

Disposal: In accordance with local waste regulations. The masks can be incinerated in an approved facility.

Used: Masks may need to be disposed of in accordance with the local authority’s infectious waste requirements

Environmental issues
No environmental issues expected. Packaging material should be separated for recycling.

Graphene Reusable Protective Face Masks – Product Information

The KPS mask is certified to meet FFPS/KN95/BS and CE standards.

KPS PPE Protects masks are enhanced with Polygrene™, this is a graphene polymer made with the world’s only National Physics Laboratory Verified Graphene Product, Nanene™. Nanene™ offers best of class protection against the microscopic particles that cause respiratory illness and the spread of viral infection.

What is Graphene?
Graphene was first isolated in 2004 by two researchers at The University of Manchester. An innovative product that has been described as a ‘wonder material’ that will revolutionise materials. Graphene is just ‘one atom thick’ fabric of carbon which has been theoretically shown to have remarkable physical properties which includes exceptional strength-to-weight, effective electrical and thermal conductors as well as being highly flexible.

What is Nanene™?
Nanene is a high-quality few-layer Graphene produced using a patented manufacturing method. It was developed on The University of Manchester campus and then scaled up in a dedicated production facility. Nanene is a product that offers independently verified, real world applications, performance benefits.

What is Polygrene™
Polygrene is a new Graphene polymer range. It delivers a wide range of improvements including in tensile strength properties, among other high-performance characteristics.

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