Land Rover



Power Steering Pumps


Genuine Land Rover pumps, manufactured in the UK by the Original Equipment Manufacturer

The hydraulic pumps, manufactured by JTEKT (OEM) fit a range of vehicles including Landrover Discovery and Defender, see below: –

model name
Discovery V6 Petrol

Discovery V8 Petrol

Discovery V6 Diesel

Defender L316

Part Number




V6 Petrol

V8 Petrol

V6 Diesel

Td4 2.4





Land Rover Discovery III 4.0 V6
Land Rover Discovery III 4.4 (299 Ch)
Land Rover Sport I 4.2 (390 Ch)
Land Rover Sport I 4.4 (299 Ch)

Land Rover Discovery III LR3 4.2 V8 S Charged
Land Rover Discovery III LR3 4.4 V8 AJ PET

Land Rover Discovery III
LR3 Td6 2.7 Diesel

Defender All
Defender Td4 2.4

Where are the Land Rover pumps available from? The range of pumps offered are all brand new and manufactured in the UK by the OEM – JTEKT. They are supplied to the market by all of the major national account distributors and are available on a same day / next day delivery service together with the usual warranty. If there are any vehicle application questions then the distributor will be able to help. Call KPS on 01582 723490 for a list of distributors and their contact details. These pumps are the original equipment part fitted to the vehicle when it was built. KPS would recommend that this part is fitted to your vehicle by a competent person / mechanic at a garage and using the appropriate power steering fluid as recommended by Land Rover. This is to ensure that the new unit we supply via the distributor is not affected by contamination problems where the power steering system has not been purged properly.

For a complete product range, application listing and to see how KPS can help you, please contact KPS on 01582 723490 or ‘Contact Us

TRW, Sachs and Lemfoerder Parts

KPS range of ‘Land Rover & Jaguar’ parts from the Original Equipment Manufacturers includes: –

TRW Land Rover Parts

TRW Parts Braking: Brake caliper, brake disc, carrier, brake drum, parking brake cable, brake pads, wear sensor, wheel cylinder, speed sensor, brake pad accessory kit, brake hose, brake master cylinder, brake booster, brake shoe accessory kit

TRW Parts, Steering: Steering gear, hydraulic power steering pump, bellow, ball joint, tie rod, tie rod end

TRW Parts, Suspension: Coil spring, shock absorber, control arm – trailing arm bush, track control arm, stabiliser rod/strut, rod assembly

TRW Parts, Clutch: Clutch slave cylinder, Central slave cylinder

Sachs Land Rover Parts

Sachs Parts, Clutch: Torque converter, releaser, clutch kit, clutch disc, pressure plate, flywheel, central slave cylinder, master cylinder

Sachs Parts, Suspension: Shock absorber, Coil spring

Lemfoerder Land Rover Parts

Lemfoerder Parts, Suspension: Tie rod end, tie rod axle joint, ball joint, control arm/trailing arm bush, suspension sphere pneumatic suspension

Lemfoerder Parts, Belts: V-ribbed belts, V-belts, timing belt, tensioner pulley timing belt, guide pulley timing belt

Lemfoerder Parts, Steering: Steering gear, hydraulic power steering pump, power steering expansion tank

Lemfoerder Parts, Suspension: Centre rod assembly, track control arm, stabiliser rod/strut

Lemfoerder Parts, Mountings: support frame engine carrier, axle beam mounting, engine mounting, transfer gear mounting, automatic transmission mounting, manual transmission mounting

Lemfoerder Parts, Braking: Brake disc, brake pad wear sensor, brake pad set

Lemfoerder Parts, Window regulators: Window regulators

Lemfoerder Parts, Wheel bearings: Wheel bearings