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Air Compressor

Our comprehensive range of ‘New Units‘ includes Air Springs, Air Compressors and Air Struts, all assembled in the UK. We do not offer remanufactured units. Our OE suppliers test these high quality parts under road simulated conditions prior to them being delivered to our customers. All of our products are sent out with an unlimited mileage guarantee for 1 year. We have installation manuals available for each of the products we sell and the range covers 95% of the vehicle parc.

What is Air Suspension?

The traditional suspension system (shock absorber and strut) on many vehicles has a dampening system. The manufacturer uses factory default settings and it gives a certain ‘ride control’ feel to the passengers. There is often no opportunity to make changes to the system to allow a firmer or softer ride.

Air suspension systems use an air compressor combined with air struts and suspension air bags to control the feel of the ride. The driver is able to make adjustements in some cases. This can give a different feel to the ride, firmer or softer,  depending on the preference or purpose of the individual concerned. This is one of the advantages of this type of system. Another advantage of air suspension is having control of the ‘ride height’ (depending on the system). Many systems control this automatically without any requirement from the driver to have any input.

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Sometimes a driver does have the opportunity to have an input in controlling the ride height of the vehicle and in this instance, the air suspension system can be adjusted to accommodate larger and heavier loads. This prevents the rear end of the vehicle from sitting too low. Some systems automatically make the adjustments and the driver will not see or feel any difference in the everyday ride of the vehicle except for the additional weight.

For the traditional shock absorber and strut combination,  the level of rebound is set and therefore no matter what the weight of your load is, no adjustment is possible.
Air Compressor

Why KPS Air Suspension?

❍ In-house testing is carried out to ensure matching standards
❍ 12-month warranty with unlimited mileage
❍ KPS Gold Standard, Ensures quality matches OE
❍ OE components used in assembly
❍ Installation Manuals/Guides inside every box
❍ QR Codes on part number labels taking the customer to PDF instructions
❍ Conforms to BER
❍ 95% vehicle parc coverage
❍ 1000s SKUs available from stock

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